Khandha Paritta.-One of the Parittas included in the collection of Parittas (Mil.150). The text of this Paritta is given in the Anguttara Nikāya as Ahinda Sutta. A.ii.72f.; it is also found at Vin.ii.109; see also Khandhavatta Jātaka.

Khandha Vagga.-The third book of the Samyutta Nikāya. It consists of thirteen chapters (Samyuttas). In Burma a special tīkā was written on this section. Bode, op. cit., 103.

Khandha Samyutta.-The twenty-second chapter of the Samyutta Nikāya and the first chapter of the Khandha Vagga. It consists of one hundred and fifty suttas, divided into three sections. The chapter deals mainly with the five khandhas or constituent elements. S.iii.1-188.

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