An arahant. He was born in Pāvā in the family of a Malla chieftain, and was called Khandasumana because, on his birthday, molasses and jasmine appeared in his house. Having heard the Buddha preaches in Cunda's mango-grove at Pāvā, he entered the Order and became an arahant.

In the past he had built a railing of sandalwood round the thūpa of Padumuttara Buddha. In the time of Kassapa Buddha he was unable to get any flowers, the king having bought them all for his offerings; he therefore bought a khandasumana-flower at a great price and offered it at the thūpa of the Buddha (Thag.96; ThagA.i.198).

He is probably identical with Saparivāriya Thera of the Apadāna (Ap.i.172). His Apadāna-verses are almost the same as those attributed to Nandiya Thera. See ThagA.i.82.

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