When, as a result of the conspiracy of Senaka and the other ministers of Vedeha, Mahosadha was compelled to flee from the Court and live as a potter outside the city gates, the devatā of the king's parasol, wishing to see him reinstated, appeared to the king and put to him several questions. The king consulted Senaka and his colleagues, but they could find no solution. The deity appeared again to him and said he was like a man who, wanting a fire, blows a firefly, crumbling over it cow-dung and grass, or, wanting milk, milks the cow's horn. She then threatened the king with death if her questions were not answered. In despair, the king sent for Mahosadha (J.vi.371f).

It is evidently this story which is mentioned elsewhere (J.iii.197) as a separate Jātaka, but no details are given, and the reader is referred to the Khajjopanaka-Pañha.

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