The well-taught Ariyan disciple, remembering his past lives, realises how, in the past, he has been a prey to the body, feelings, perception, activities and consciousness; how he is still their prey, and will be so in the future, too, if he be enamoured of them. Thus realising, he conceives disgust for the body, etc., is repelled by them, and obtains release from them. He thereby attains freedom and becomes aware that he is free. S.iii.86-91; this sutta is wrongly titled Sīha in the Samyutta text; see KS.iii.72, n.3.

The sutta was also preached by Mahinda in the Nandana grove on the fifth day of his visit to Ceylon (Mhv.xv.195).

In the Vibhanga Commentary (VibhA.32) the sutta is referred to as the Khajja-nīyapariyāya.

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