A thera. He became an arahant while living in the forest. One day, while sitting on a flat stone, he entered into a trance. A pack of thieves, mistaking him for the trunk of a tree, piled their sacks on to his head and body and slept around him. In the morning, discovering their mistake, they begged forgiveness and, having listened to his preaching, became monks. It was this incident which gained for him the name of Khānu ("stump"). The Buddha praised him on account of his achievement (DhA.ii.254f).

Khānu Kondañña's samādhi is classified under vipphārā iddhi, inasmuch as even the uproar, caused by the thieves in piling up their sacks, did not disturb it. E.g., BuA.24; PsA.497.

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