1. Ketumatī.-The future name of Bārānasī. It will be at the head of eighty-four thousand towns, the capital of the Cakkavatti Sankha and the birthplace of the Buddha Metteyya. D.iii.75f; J.vi.594; Anāgat., vv.8, 30; according to v.8 it is the same as Kusāvati.

2. Ketumatī.-A river in the Himalaya region. Vessantara, with his wife and children, had a meal on its banks, bathed and drank in the river, and from there went to Nālika. J.vi.518f.

3. Ketumatī.-The palace of the deva Mahāsena (a previous birth of Nāgasena). (Mil., p.6).

4. Ketumatī.-The Pali name for the Burmese city of Taungu (Bode: op. cit., 45).

Ketumatī is in Jeyyavaddhanarattha. It was once the capital of King Mahāsirijeyyasūra who possessed a famous elephant, called Devanāga. Buddhism was established in Ketumatī by a monk from Ceylon who was named Mahāparakkama. It later became the residence of famous monks. Sās., pp.80, 81; see also 101, 118, 162.

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