1. Kesi.-A horse-trainer. He came to see the Buddha and became his follower as a result of the interview (A.ii.112f). For details see Kesi Sutta.

2. Kesi.-Buddhaghosa's father. He lived in Ghosagāma. v.l. Kesa. Gv.66; Buddhaghosuppatti, p.38; Sās.29.

3. Kesi.-A noble steed belonging to Ekarāja (J.vi.135).

4. Kesi.-See Kesava.

Kesi Vagga.-The twelfth chapter of the Catukka Nipāta of the Anguttara Nikāya (A.ii.112-21). The first sutta is that of Kesi, the horse-trainer, and most of the suttas deal with the idea of "training." The Commentary calls it Kosiya Vagga.

Kesi Sutta.-The horse-trainer. Kesi visits the Buddlia, and in answer to a question says that he trains some horses by mildness, some by harshness, and others by both; those which do not submit to his training he destroys. The Buddha says that just so does he deal with men. Some he tames by mildness - telling them what is good and showing them the way to heaven; others by harshness - condemning the evils in them; yet others by both. Those who do not submit to this discipline he destroys, by refusing to admonish them (A.ii.112f).

Buddhaghosa says (Sp.i.120) that the Kesi Sutta should be one of those used to explain the term purisadamma-sārathī in reference to the Buddha.

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