The people of Kerala. The Keralas served as mercenary soldiers to the kings of Ceylon. They rebelled against Mahinda V. and governed certain parts of the country (Cv.iv.5, 12). They fought in the army of Parakkamabāhu I. against Gajabāhu (Cv.lxix.18; lxx.230). Later, when Parakkamabāhu's forces were employed in Rohana, the Kerala mercenaries in Kotthasāra conspired with others to capture Rājarattha, but their attempt was foiled (Cv.lxxiv.44f). The Keralas formed the largest part of Māgha's army which devastated Ceylon, and Māgha gave over to them, for their use, whatever they coveted in the conquered territory. They overran the country, carrying destruction wherever they went (Cv.lxxx.61, 76; lxxi.4). Later, however, they suffered severe defeat at the hands of Parakkamabāhu II (Cv.lxxxiii.20). Once a Pandu king fled from the Cola king and took refuge among the Keralas (Cv.liii.9; Cv. Trs.i.172, n.3).

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