A monastery or a village where lived the thera Phussadeva, mentioned in the scholiast to the Hatthipāla Jātaka (J.iv.490) and in the Mūgapakkha Jātaka (J.vi.30; see also Vsm.i.228). Perhaps this residence was identical with the Katandhakāra mentioned in the Cūlavamsa (Cv.xlv.3). Kassapa II. paid much respect to an Elder of unknown name who lived there. It is said that the king had the sacred texts written down with a short summary in honour of this Elder. Geiger thinks (Cv. Trs.i.89, n.4) that the Padhānaghara called Mahallarāja, which had been erected by Aggabodhi III., brother of Kassapa II., in company with the Yuvarāja Māna, was attached to the Katandhakāra monastery.

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