A park on the banks of the Godhāvarī and the residence of Bāvarī (ThagA.i.73).

According to Buddhaghosa (SnA.ii.581) it was an island (antaradīpa) in the fork of the river, and was three leagues in extent. It lay between the kingdoms of Assaka and Alaka, and was purchased from these two kings for two thousand pieces. The kings gave another two leagues to Bāvarī as a gift.

The park had been the residence of holy men of old, such as Sarabhahga (J.v.132) and Sālissara (J.iii.463; see also Mtu.iii.363), and it was called Kapitthavana from being covered with kapittha-trees (elephant apple) - v.l. Kavitthavana, Kapitthakavana.

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