A commentary, also called Mātikatthakathā, by Buddhaghosa on the Pātimokkha of the Vinaya Pitaka. The colophon also contains a summary, a kind of uddāna, of the contents. It is stated that the work was written at the request of a thera named Sona, and Buddhaghosa declares most emphatically that there is not even a single word in the book which is not in conformity with the Canon or the Commentaries of the Mahāvihāra (p.204, ed. Hewavitarane Bequest Series; Gv.59, 69.). The Gandhavamsa (61f, 71; also Svd.1212) mentions a tīkā on the Kankhāvitaranī named Vinayatthamañjūsā, written by Buddhanāga at the request of Sumedha.

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