One of the six suttas preached at the Mahāsamaya held in the Mahāvana near Kapilavatthu. It deals with the origin of contentions and disputes. Disputes arise about objects which one holds dear; such affection is the result of desire, etc. It forms the eleventh sutta of the Atthakavagga of the Sutta Nipāta (Sn.vv.862ff; SnA.361, 551ff).

It is said that the discourse was specially meant for those in the Assembly, whose temperament was malicious (dosacaritānam) (MNidA.222).

We are told that Mahā-Pajāpatī heard the sutta and renounced the world. ThigA.3, 141.

Probably the Attadanda Sutta was also called by this name. See AA.i.186, where the story of the 500 Sākiyan youths is given. In other accounts the Sutta which led to their joining the Order is called Attadanda. See Rohinī. (3).

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