1. Kakudha Sutta.-Records the visit of the deva Kakudha Koliyaputta to Moggallāna, bringing him news of Devadatta's intention to destroy the Order. The sutta also contains a description of the five kinds of teachers who are impure in their conduct, their mode of livelihood, their preaching of the Dhamma, their system of exposition and their insight, and who yet are protected by their disciples because of love of gain. A.iii.122ff.

2. Kakudha Sutta.-Records the visit of the devaputta Kakudha to the Buddha at the Añjanavana in Sāketa. See Kakudha (2). According to Tibetan sources (e.g. Rockhill, p.89), Kakudha was the son of Kaundinya (Kondañña). Which Kondañña is referred to here it is impossible to say.

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