A village to the north of Samantakūta and on the road which led to it from the north. It is situated on a small river which joins the Maskeli river and ultimately flows into the Kelani river. Vijayabāhu I, built rest-houses at the village for the use of pilgrims coming to Samantakūta (Cv.lx.66).

Kadalī is to be identified with the modern Kehelgamuva (Cv.Trs.i.221, n.3).

Perhaps the Kadalisenagāma, where Devappatirāja built a bridge of one hundred staves, may be the same village, but this is questionable (Cv.lxxxvi.41). This is more likely to be the modern Kehellenāva (Cv.Trs.ii.174, n.3).

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