1. Kātiyāna.-A name by which the yakkha Punnaka (q.v.) is addressed (J.vi.299, 306, 308). It is a variant of Kaccāna. (J.vi.283, 286, 301, 327).

2. Kātiyāna.-The name of a gotta, probably a variant of Kaccāyana, Kaccāna (q.v.).

3. Kātiyāna Thera.-The son of a. brahmin of the Kosiya-gotta in Sāvatthi, he was called Kātiyāna after his mother's family. When his friend Sāmaññakāni joined the Order, he followed his example and exerted himself in meditation, sleeping but little. One night, overcome by sleep, he fell on the terrace where he was pacing to and fro, and the Buddha, seeing him, went himself to help him and urged him not to give up his efforts but to concentrate and contemplate. Aided by this admonition, Kātiyāna soon became an arahant. The Buddha's sermon is included in the Theragāthā (Thag.vv.411-16; ThagA.i.450f).

From the story of Sāmaññakāni, given in the Theragāthā Commentary (i, p.99f), it would appear that Kātiyāna was, for some time, a Paribbājaka. He was destitute, having, since the appearance of the Buddha, lost all his support from the laity. He therefore sought Sāmaññakāni and asked his advice, which he followed by joining the Order.

4. Kātiyāna.-See Pakudha.

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