A poor man of Benares, having entered into a contract with ivory workers to supply elephants' tusks, went into the forest clad in a Pacceka Buddha's yellow robe, and standing in the path of the elephants, slew the last one of the herd each day. The Bodhisatta, being the leader of the elephants, on discovering what was happening, threatened to kill the man; but receiving his promise never to visit the forest again, he let him go free on account of his robe.

A trader, coming to Rājagaha on business, contributed a magnificent yellow robe to an almsgiving organised by the townspeople. There was some dispute as to whether Sāriputta or Devadatta should receive the robe; but the majority favouring Devadatta, he cut the robe into strips and wore it in great style.

When the matter was reported to the Buddha, he related the above Jātaka story, in which Devadatta is identified with the huntsman. J.ii.196ff

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