A Sākiyan lady. She is declared to be a sotāpanna, and a conversation between her and the Buddha, who visited her while staying at the Nigrodhārāma in Kapilavatthu, is recorded in the Kāli Sutta (S.v.396). In the sutta she is addressed as Godhā; she may have belonged to the same family as Godha. She was the mother of Bhaddiya Thera, declared to be the best of the monks of aristocratic birth (Thag.v.864; A.i.23; ThagA.ii.55).

The Anguttara Commentary (AA.i.109) states that her name was Godhā, and that she was called Kāli because of her dark colour. She was the most senior of the Sākiyan ladies of the time. Dhammapāla speaks of her as āgataphalā, viññātasāsanā. UdA.161.

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