1. Kālasilā.-The black rock by the side of Isigili (Isigilipasse).

It was there that Moggallāna was murdered (J.v.125f; DhA.iii.65f; ApA.i.206) and that Godhika (S.i.120f; DhA.i.431f ) and Vakkali (S.iii.124) committed suicide.

It was a lonely spot, and we are told that when monks came from afar to Rājagaha they would ask Dabba Mallaputta to find them lodgings there because they wished to see evidence of Dabba's iddhi-powers (Vin.ii.76; iii.159).

The Buddha is mentioned (S.i.194) as having stayed at Kālasilā with a great company of monks. On one such occasion the Buddha is said to have given Ananda an opportunity of asking him to continue to live for a whole aeon. But Ananda failed to do so (D.ii.116).

The Buddha is elsewhere (ThagA.ii.209) described as residing at Kālasilā with five hundred monks, all of whom were arahants. Moggallāna discovered their powers, and thus earned the praise of Vangīsa.

The Samyutta Commentary (SA.ii.229) speaks of a Kālasilāvihāra.

In the Cūladukkhakkhandha Sutta (M.i.92), it is said that Kālasilā was also the residence of some Niganthas, followers of Nāthaputta.

2. Kālasilā.-See Kālasela.

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