A class of Asuras. They were present at the Mahā Samaya, and are spoken of as being of a fearsome shape (D.ii.259; also DA.iii.789.820).

They are the very lowest of the Asura groups, and the Buddha warns Sunakkhatta that Korakkhattiya will, after his death from epilepsy, be born among them; and it did so happen (D.iii.7f; J.i.389).

Bodhisattas are never born among the Kālakañjakas (J.i.44; BuA.224). Sometimes (E.g., J.v.187; PvA.272), when Asuras are mentioned, the Commentaries explain the word as meaning the Kālakañjakas.

Beings born among them suffer from excessive thirst, which they are unable to quench even by immersing themselves in the Ganges. (For a story of one of them see VibhA.5).

The Kājakañjakas resemble the petas in shape, sex-life, diet and length of life, and they intermarry with them (Kvu.360).

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