1. Kālaka.-A setthi of Sāketa. His son was the husband of Cūla-Subhaddā and therefore son-in-law of Anāthapindika. Kālaka was a follower of the Niganthas. When the Buddha visited Sāketa, at the request of Cūla-Subhaddā, Kālaka listened to his sermon and became a sotāpanna. He gave his park, the Kālakārāma, to the Buddha, and built a vihāra there after removing, by force, the Niganthas, who were in possession.

AA.ii.482f; but see DhA.iii.465f, where the setthi's name is given as Ugga of Uggapura; see also Dvy.402, where the name of the city is Pundavardhana and that of Anāthapindika's daughter Sumāgadhā.

2. Kālaka. Senāpati of King Yasapāni of Benares, a previous birth of Devadatta. The story is given in the Dhammaddhaja Jātaka. J.ii.186ff

3. Kālaka.-See Ayya-Kālaka.

4. Kālaka.-See A.v.164, Sutta No. lxxxvii. Is Kālaka here a proper name or a generic name (Kālaka-bhikkhu) meaning a wicked monk?

I am inclined to take it as the latter. See Kālaka(-bhikkhu) Sutta.

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