A city in Anga; it was sixty leagues from Mithilā, with which it was connected by a cart-road (J.vi.31f). To Kālacampā came sages from the Himalaya to procure salt and sour condiments (J.vi.256). There lived Punnaka's relations (J.vi.274). Varuna, the Nāga king, tells Vidhūra that he (Varuna) and his wife were once inhabitants of Kālacampā (J.vi.317). Kālacampā is probably another name for Campā (q.v.); in fact, the name Campā is used more than once in reference to Kālacampā (E.g., J.vi.32). According to the Anguttara Commentary (AA.i.131), Sona Kolivisa was born in Kālacampā; the Theragāthā Commentary (ThagA.i.544), however, speaks of his birthplace as Campā.

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