1. Jutindhara. A king of fifty-one kappas ago, a former birth of Salalamāliya (Ap.i.206) or Samiddhi (ThagA.i.117).

2. Jutindhara.-A king of ten kappas ago, a previous life of Mandāravapūjaka (Ap.i.178) or Usabha (ThagA.i.219).

3. Jutindhara.-A king of seventy-seven kappas ago, a former birth of Kilañjadāyaka. v.l. Jalandhara. Ap.i.219.

4. Jutindhara.-A Yakkha of Udumbampabbata, husband of Cetiyā. He was killed in the fight in Sirisavatthu. MT.289.

5. Jutindhara. A brother of Vedisadevī; he was one of the nobles who escorted the Bodhi-tree to Ceylon. Mbv.166.

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