1. Jinna Sutta.-Two very old brahmins visit the Buddha and ask him for a teaching to cheer and comfort them. He tells them to practise self-restraint in all things. A.i.155.


2. Jinna Sutta.-Similar to the above. The Buddha tells them that the whole world is being burned by old age and death and that only what is saved will be useful. Meritorious deeds brings happiness after death. A.i.156.


3. Jinna Sutta.-Mahā Kassapa visits the Buddha at Rājagaha. The Buddha suggests that now that he is very old he should give up wearing cast-off rag robes and dwelling in the forest, and should enjoy the gifts given to him by householders. Kassapa refuses to give up his long-established austere habits of life. Being asked the reason for this method of life, Kassapa answers that it is for his own happiness and out of compassion for those that come after (S.ii.202). The Commentary (SA.ii.128) adds that the Buddha asked the question in order to give Kassapa an opportunity for his "lion's roar" (Kassapa-sīhanāda).

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