1. Jīvaka Sutta.-Jīvaka visits the Buddha who is staying in his Mangogrove, and asks if it is true that animals are slain expressly for the Buddha's use. The Buddha replies that he forbids the eating of meat only when there is evidence of one's eyes or ears as grounds for suspicion that the animal has been slain for one's express use. Anyone who slays an animal for the use of a monk and gives it to him commits a great evil. Jīvaka is pleased with the reply and declares himself a follower of the Buddha. M.i.368f.


2. Jīvaka Sutta.-Questioned by Jīvaka, the Buddha explains that an upāsaka is one who has taken the Three Refuges and the Five Precepts, and that such a man, by reason of his qualities, works the welfare both of himself and others. A.iv.222f.


3. Jīvaka Sutta.-To those who practise concentration and give themselves up to solitude things appear as they really are. S.iv.143f.

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