1. Jetthatissa I.-King of Ceylon (323-33 A.C.), elder son of Gothābhaya, the younger being Mahāsena. He slew all the ministers who were disloyal to his father and earned the title of "The Cruel." He rebuilt the Lohapāsāda to a height of seven storeys and renamed it the Manipāsāda, from the costly jewels he offered in it. He also built the Pācīnatissapabbata-vihāra and the ālambagāma tank. Mhv.xxxvi.118ff; Dpv.xxii.61, 66.

2. Jetthatissa II.-King of Ceylon, brother (?) and successor of Sirimeghavanna. He ruled for nine years and was a very skilful carver in ivory. Cv.xxxvii.100-4; Cv. Trs.1.9, n.1.

3. Jetthatissa.-Son of King Sanghatissa. When Moggallāna III. usurped the throne Jetthatissa fled to the Malaya country. From there he helped Asiggāhaka Silāmeghavanna in his fight with Moggallāna, but on discovering that Silāmeghavanna wished to kill him also, he fled once more to Malaya. Later, he made his headquarters at Aritthapabbata, and from there led an army against Aggabodhi III., who was then on the throne. Aggabodhi fled to Jambudīpa, and Jetthatissa became king as Jetthatissa III. He reigned for only five months, during which time he did several meritorious works. Aggabodhi returned with an army, and in the battle which followed Jetthatissa slew himself at the sight of his army suffering defeat. His queen entered the Order and became proficient in the Abhidhamma. Cv.xliv.28, 55, 61, 70, 86-106.

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