1. Jenta.-A village in Magadha, the birthplace of Jenta Thera. ThagA.i.219.


2. Jenta.-A thera. He was born in the village of Jenta as the son of a chieftain. He was thoughtful when young, and one day, having heard the Buddha preach, he entered the Order and soon became an arahant (Thag.vs.111; ThagA.i.219f). He was a devaputta in the time of Sikhī Buddha and offered him kinkirāta-flowers. Five kappas ago he was a king named Sattuttama. v.l. Sabbuttama. He is probably identical with Kakkārapupphiya of the Apadāna (Ap.i.177).


3. Jenta Purohitaputta.-A thera. He was the son of the chaplain of the Kosala king. (Was he Angulimāla's brother? See Angulimāla). He was intoxicated with pride over his own advantages, and one day, though visiting the Buddha, he decided not to speak unless the Buddha should address him first. The Buddha, reading his thoughts, preached a sermon, intended for him, on the evils of pride, and Jenta became a Sotāpanna. Later he entered the Order and became an arahant (Thag.vs.423-8; ThagA.i.455f). Perhaps he is to be identified with Manàtthaddha of the Samyutta Nikāya (S.i.177; KS.i.224, n.1).

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