The Bodhisatta was once king of ninety thousand geese in Cittakūta. The king of Benares, seeing him, took a great fancy to him and did him honour, desiring his friendship. When the king went to Anotatta, the Bodhisatta did him similar honour and friendship was established between them.

One day, two of the young geese, in spite of the advice of the Bodhisatta, wished to try their speed against the sun. Their king, wishing to save them from death, went with them, rescuing them when tired. Then he himself raced the sun and was victorious, arriving at the king's palace.

The king, hearing of this, wished to see an exhibition of the Bodhisatta's powers of speed, and his desire was granted. When asked whether anything was fleeter than himself, the king of the geese replied that the decay of the elements of life was a thousand-fold speedier. He thereupon preached the moral law to the king.

Ananda is identified with the king and Sāriputta and Moggallāna with the two geese. J.iv.211-8.

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