Ananda asks the Buddha at Giñjakāvasatha questions concerning followers of the Buddha in Magadha.

The Yakkha, Janavasabha, appears and says he was once King Bimbisāra and is now reborn into the communion of King Vessavana. He then proceeds to relate a report he had just heard from Vessavana of an assembly of the gods held in Tāvatimsa many years earlier, on the full-moon day of āsālhi.

Sakka presided and there were present also the Four Regent Gods. All the devas rejoiced that their numbers were increasing because so many on earth were following the teachings of the Buddha.

Then there appeared in the assembly the Brahmā Sanankumāra in the guise of Pañcasikha; assuming thirty-three forms, he took his place by each god of Tāvatimsa and confirmed the glad tidings of the increasing number of devas. He then told them of the Four Ways of Iddhi and the Three Avenues of Bliss as taught by the Buddha, and of the seven samādhi-parikkhārā. Then they all sang the praises of the Buddha.

D.ii.200ff. (D.18)

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