Some monks attain to release of mind, but when they apply themselves to the ending of sakkāya their minds do not settle down, do not stay fixed; they are like a man who grasps a branch with his hand smeared with resin. In the case of other monks, their minds abide in the release attained and stay fixed in the endeavour to destroy sakkāya - and they are like a man who grasps a branch with a clean hand. Some monks strive to destroy ignorance but are unsuccessful. Their minds are like a village pond (jambālī) which has stood for countless years with all its inlets blocked and outlets open and receiving no rain. There will be no breach in its dyke. There are other monks who break through ignorance by application of the mind - like a village pond with all its inlets open and outlets closed and with rain falling continuously into it. A.ii.165f.

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