A grove near Bhaddiya.

The Buddha, when once staying there, laid down a rule about the use of slippers by monks (Vin.i.189f; DhA.iii.451). There the banker Mendaka visited him and provided meals for him and the monks (DhA.iii.363; Vin.i.242f). Mendaka's grandson, Uggaha, did likewise (A.iii.36f).

The Buddha once stayed in Jātiyāvana for three months, waiting for the ripening of Bhaddaji's wisdom, ready for his conversion (J.ii.331; ThagA.i.286).

The Sutta Vibhanga (Vin.iii.37f) contains the story of an arahant on whom a woman committed a misdemeanour while he was sleeping in Jātiyāvana.

Buddhaghosa (AA.ii.597) says that the grove formed part of a forest track extending up to the Himālaya.

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