A thera. He was the son of a setthi in Sunāparanta. He witnessed the miracle of the Buddha's acceptance of the Candana-mālā (probably the Candanamālaka), and, having heard the Buddha preach, he became a Sotāpanna. While still living the life of a householder, a compassionate spirit urged him to give it up. He entered the Order and soon after became an arahant (ThagA.i.312-3).

The Theragāthās (vv.187-8) contains two verses which he uttered in confessing aññā. They were the same as were spoken to him by his friendly spirit. In the time of Vipassī Buddha, he was a householder and did homage to the Buddha's Bodhi-tree with a fan made of sumana-flowers (ThagA.312f).

He is probably identical with Sumanavājaniya of the Apadāna (Ap.ii.415).

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