A town in the Kuru country. In the Kurudhamma Jātaka (J.ii.365f; also J.iii.400; iv.361; v.457; vi.255; Cyp.i.3, v.1), Dhanañjaya Koravya, is mentioned as its king and as the owner of Añjanavasabha, the elephant of wondrous power.

The town was seven leagues in extent (J.v.57; 484) and there was a road that ran straight from Indapatta to Bārānasī (J.v.59).

In times past, Indapatta was considered one of the three chief cities of Jambudīpa, the others being Uttarapañcāla and Kekaka (J.ii.213, 214).

According to a verse found at the end of the Buddhavamsa (Bu.xxviii.11), the Buddha's razor and needle were enshrined at Indapatta.

The modern Delhi stands on the site of Indapatta.

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