1. Hiri Sutta. A conversation between the Buddha and a deva regarding hiri (conscientiousness). S.i.7.

2. Hiri Sutta. The disadvantages of lack of hiri (conscientiousness) and fear of blame, and the advantages of their possession. A.iv.99.

3. Hiri Sutta. The third sutta of the Cūla Vagga of the Sutta Nipāta (SN.vs.253-7). It was preached in answer to questions asked by an ascetic. He had been a very rich brahmin of Sāvatthi before the birth of the Buddha. He gave away all his wealth and became an ascetic in Himavā. There, filled with joy on hearing the news of the Buddha’s appearance in the world, he went to Sāvatthi and visited him. The Buddha preached to him, and at the end of the sermon he entered the Order, attaining arahantship (SNA.i.294f).

The sutta is a short dissertation on true friendship. A friend is one who helps in time of need, who not only speaks pleasant words, but means them, who encourages and fosters all that is good.

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