A monastery, erected by Gothābhaya on the spot where Sirisanghabodhi (q.v.) gave his head as a gift to a poor man. It was repaired by Parakkamabāhu II. Vijayabāhu III. was cremated near the vihāra, and Parakkamabāhu II. built there a cetiya and an octagonal image house which contained a stone image of the Buddha (Cv.lxxxv.73f). It is said that a king, named Upatissa, had built in the monastery a five storeyed pāsāda in honour of a monk who made the earth and sky resound with thunder at the moment of his attainment of arahantship. Parakkamabāhu II. found it fallen into decay and had it restored in his name. His minister, Devappatirāja, erected, in the king's name, a three storeyed pāsāda, gave it to Anomadassī Thera, who was chief incumbent of the vihāra at that time, and set up a stone inscription to record the gift. Cv.lxxxvi.12f, 37f.

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