A nunnery built by Devānampiyatissa for the use of Sanghamittā. It was called Hatthālhaka because it was built near the spot where the king's state elephant was fettered. Sanghamittā's following came to be called Hatthalhakā from living in the vihāra.

Later, they occupied also all the twelve buildings attached to the Upāsikā-vihāra, even when other sects arose (Mhv.xix.71, 83; xx.21f, 49). The vihāra was originally within the city wall of Anurādhapura; but later, when Kutikanna-Tissa and Vasabha raised the boundary wall, part of the vihāra grounds lay outside. The original boundary included the Kadambanadī. MT. 611.

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