1. Gosāla Thera.-He came from a rich family of Magadha and made the acquaintance of Sonakutikanna. When he heard that the latter had left the world, he too joined the Order and dwelt on the uplands near his native village. One day his mother gave him a meal of rice porridge with honey and sugar. After the meal, he made a great effort and won arahantship.

Ninety-one kappas ago he saw the rag robe of a Pacceka Buddha hanging from a tree trunk and offered flowers in homage (Thag.vs.23; ThagA.i.79f).

He is probably identical with Pamsukūlapūjaka of the Apadāna. Ap.ii.434; but see also Mahākāla.

2. Gosāla.-See Makkhali.

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