Gopaka Moggallāna.-A brahmin minister of Ajātasattu, in charge of some defence works in Rājagaha (M.iii.7). See Gopaka Moggallāna Sutta.

The Theragāthā (vs.1024) contains a stanza spoken by Moggallāna Thera in answer to a question by Gopaka Moggallāna. Gopaka asks Moggallāna how many of the Buddha's teachings he remembers. Eighty-four thousand, answers the latter and proceeds to explain. ThagA.ii.130.

Gopaka Moggallāna Sutta.-Soon after the Buddha's death, Ananda, on his way to Rājagaha for alms, visits the place where Gopaka Moggallāna was strengthening the city's defences. Moggallāna asks him if there were any monk in every way like the Buddha, and receives a negative answer. Vassakāra arrives and, on being told the topic of conversation, asks the same question and is told by Ananda that the monks regard the Dhamma as their protector. It is true, however, that there are monks whom they hold in great esteem and reverence, and Ananda enumerates the qualities which win for them such homage. M.iii.7ff

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