1. Giri.-A Nigantha who occupied the Niganthārāma, later destroyed by Vattagāmanī to make room for the construction of Abhayagiri Vihāra, The Nigantha's name was included in that of the new Vihāra. Mhv.xxxiii.43f, 83; Dpv.xix.14.

2. Giri.-See Giridīpa.

3. Giri.-One of the palaces occupied by Sikhī Buddha in his last lay life (Bu.xxi.16). The Commentary (BuA., p.201) calls it Giriyasa.

4. Giri.-A district in South Ceylon. Its capital was Mahāgāma. It included the villages of Nitthulavitthika, birthplace of Gothaimbara (Mhv.xxiii.49), and Kutumbiyangama, birthplace of Velusumana (Mhv.xxiii.68). The district was also evidently called Girimandala. The chieftain of Giri was Giribhojaka (Mhv.xxiii.69, 70, 75; MT.454), sometimes called Girimandalika (MT.452).

5. Giri.-A Nigantha who lived at Anurādhapura during the time of Pandukābhaya. See also Giri (1). Mhv.x.98.

Giri (or Girimānanda) Sutta.-Preached at Jetavana. Ananda brings news to the Buddha that Girimānanda is ill; would the Buddha go and visit him? The Buddha suggests that Ananda should repeat to Girimānanda the ten ideas (saññā) – anicca-saññā, anatta-saññā, asubha-saññā, ādīnava-saññā, pahāna-saññā, virāga-saññā, nirodha-saññā, sabbaloka-anabhirati-saññā, sabbasankhāresu anicca-saññā, and ānāpānasatisaññā - and proceeds to expound them in detail. Ananda does so and Girimānanda recovers. A.v.108ff.

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