A brahmin, probably of Pātaliputta. On coming to visit Benares, he saw Udena there in Khemiyambavana and had a conversation with him, recorded in the Ghotamukha Sutta. At the conclusion of the talk he declared himself converted and wished to offer to Udena the daily allowance of five hundred kahāpanas which he regularly received from the king of Anga. Udena suggested that the money might be utilised to build an assembly-hall for the Order at Pātaliputta. The suggestion was agreed to and the assembly-hall, when built, was called Ghotamukhī (M.ii.157ff).

The Commentary (MA.ii.786f) adds that Ghotamukha held the view that one should seek self-glorification, even by the slaughter of one's parents, and that he was the only person born in heaven, in spite of having held that view. After his birth in heaven, having discovered the cause of his good fortune, be came to earth in disguise and, after revealing his identity to his only remaining sister, told her where his treasures were hidden and instructed her to spend some of the money on renovating an old refectory which the monks were trying to restore.

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