The name given to the special apartment occupied by the Buddha at the Jetavana monastery (J.i.92). The building, of which the Gandhakuti formed a part, was evidently called the Gandhakuti-parivena, and there the Buddha would assemble the monks and address them (E.g., J.i.501; iii.67). The site, on which stands the bed of the Buddha in the Gandhakuti, is the same for every Buddha, and is one of the unalterable sites – avijahitatthānāni (BuA.247).

The name Gandhakuti seems to have been used later in reference also to other residences of the Buddha. Thus, we are told (AA.i.226; see C.S.B., Pl.5B) that Visākhā built a Gandhakuti for the Buddha in the Pubbārāma with the money she obtained by the sale of her Mahālatāpasādhana. For further details see Buddha.

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