1. Ekapundarīka.-A paribbājakārāma, the residence of Vacchagotta (M.i.481f ).It was near the Kūtāgārasālā in the Mahāvana of Vesāli. The Buddha went there to see Vacchagotta, and it was on this occasion that the Tevijja-Vacchagotta Sutta was preached (M.i.481f). Buddhaghosa says (MA.ii.673) that the place was so called because in it grew a solitary White Mango Tree (setambarukkha).

2. Ekapundarīka.-An elephant belonging to Pasenadi. It was while riding on this elephant that the king met Ananda. The king followed the Elder to the monastery, and their conversation is recorded in the Bāhitika Sutta (M.ii.112f).

Over the elephant's ribs there was a white spot (pandaratthāna), the size of a palmyra-fruit, hence his name (MA.ii.752).

3. Ekapundarīka Thera.-An arahant. Ninety-four kappas ago he met the Pacceka Buddha, Romasa, and gave him a lotus-flower as an offering of homage. Ap.i.238.

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