1. Dvāravatī (Dvāraka).-A city in India. It had the sea on one side and a mountain on the other. The Andhakavenhudāsaputtā tried to take it but in vain, because when the goblin, guarding the city, gave the alarm, the city would rise up in the air and settle on the sea till the enemy disappeared. They then sought Kanhadīpāyana's advice and fixed the city down with chains. This enabled the Andhākavenhudāsaputtā to capture it and make it their capital (J.iv.82ff). It was also the capital of King Sivi (J.vi.421). The Petavatthu and its Commentary (Pv.ii.9; PvA.113) speak of Dvāravati as a city of Kamboja. It may be Kamsabhoja which is meant, the country of the Andhakavenhudāsaputtā.

2. Dvāravatī.-A city in the time of Siddhattha Buddha. Ap.i.200.

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