1. Dummukha.-A Licchavi chieftain. He was present at the discussion of the Nigantha Saccaka with the Buddha, and seeing Saccaka discomfited in the debate, Dummukha compared him to a crab pulled out of a pond and ill-treated by village boys (M.i.234).

The Commentary says (MA.i.459) that Dummukha just happened to be his name. He was in reality quite handsome.

2. Dummukha.-King of Kampilla in Uttarapañcāla. One day, while looking from his window down on to the palace yard, he saw several bulls setting upon a cow in lust, and one bull, stronger than the rest, killed another with his horns. The king, realizing the evil nature of lust, entered into a trance and became a Pacceka Buddha. J.iii.379, 381.

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