Reciters of the Dīgha-Nikāya.

They separated the Cariyāpitaka, Apadāna and Buddhavamsa from the Khuddakanikāya and ascribed the remaining twelve divisions of that Nikāya to the Abhidhamma Pitaka (DA.i.15).

They also held that the four omens which the Bodhisatta saw, prior to his Renunciation, were seen on one and the same day (J.i.59).

It is said that once, when the Dīghabhānakas recited the Brahmajāla Sutta at the Ambalatthikā, to the east of the Lohapāsāda, the earth shook. DA.i.131; for views expressed by them see Sp.ii.413; DhSA.159, etc.

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