An Elder. One night, while staying with his friend Mantidatta in a monastery in Kosala, he awoke and, lighting a fire, started talking to him. Their conversation turned on the war which Pasenadi was waging against Ajātasattu.

Tissa, maintaining that Pasenadi was ignorant of the arts of war, proceeded to describe in detail what Pasenadi should do if he wished for victory. Some courtiers, overhearing the conversation, reported it to Pasenadi, who, profiting by it, re-entered the battle and captured Ajātasattu alive.

When the matter was reported to the Buddha, he related the Vaddhaki-sūkara Jātaka to show that in the past, too, Tissa had been skilled in the art of warfare (J.ii.403f). The Tacchasūkara Jātaka (J.iv.343, 354) was also related in this connection.

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