1. Devadatta Sutta.-Preached to the monks at Gijjhakūta soon after Devadatta left the Order. Love of gain, favours and flattery came upon Devadatta for his undoing, like fruit to a plantain or a bamboo tree, etc. A.ii.73; see No.3 below; cp. Vin.ii.187f and S.ii.242.

2. Devadatta Sutta.-Preached in the same circumstances as the above. It gives eight reasons for Devadatta's downfall, and urges upon the monks the necessity for reflection on the good and bad fortune which overtake oneself and others from time to time. A.iv.160f; cp. Vin.ii.202.

3. Devadatta Sutta.-Brahmā Sahampati visits the Buddha at Gijjhakūta soon after Devadatta had left the Order, and utters the stanza contained in No.1 above. S.i.153.

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