A Sākiyan of Kapilavatthu, son of Añjana and Yasodharā.

His brother was Suppabuddha and his sisters Māyā and Pajāpatī. He was the Buddha's maternal uncle (Mhv.ii.19). He was born in Devadaha (MT.137).

According to northern sources (E.g., Rockhill: p.20) Prince Siddhattha's wife was Dandapānī's daughter. It is recorded (M.i.108) that Dandapānī once met the Buddha in Kapilavatthu and questioned him on his teachings. The Buddha explained them to him, but he was not satisfied, and went away "shaking his head, wagging his tongue, with his brow puckered into three wrinkles."

Buddhaghosa says (MA.i.298) he received his name from the fact of his always being seen with a golden walking-stick and that he was a follower of Devadatta.

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