King of Uttarapañcāla, in the country of Kampilla. His chaplain was Kevatta. For their story see the Mahā Ummagga Jātaka.

Cūlani is identified with Sāriputta ( He is also called Cūlaniya (, 477) and Cūlaneyya (

The Petavatthu (Pv.ii.13; PvA.160ff ) contains a story of a queen of Cūlani-Brahmadatta called Ubbarī, whom he discovered while wandering about in his kingdom disguised as a tailor. Here the king is also referred to as Cūlaniputta (vs.8.9), and the scholiast explains (PvA.164) that Cūlani was his father's name; it is said (Pv.ii.13, vs.9, 10) that there were innumerable kings of Pañcāla bearing that name.

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