A Pāli chronicle of Ceylon.

It is a continuation of the Mahāvamsa, but, unlike the latter, is not a homogeneous work in that it was written by different authors at different periods. It is generally agreed that chapters thirty-seven to seventy-nine were written by the Thera Dhammakitti in the thirteenth century. The second section, beginning with the reign of Vijayabāhu II. and ending with that of Parakkamabāhu of Hatthiselapura (Chaps.80-90), seems to be the work of one author whose identity, however, remains unknown.

That part of the chronicle which deals with the period from Parakkamabāhu to A.C.1758, the death of Kittisiri Rājasīha, was compiled by Tibbotuvāve Sumangala Thera, and the last chapter has been continued down to 1815 by Hikkaduve Siri Sumangala.

For details see P.L.C.141ff.

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