1. Cūla Vagga.-The second of the two volumes known as the two Khandhakas of the Vinaya Pitaka. The book consists of twelve chapters or Khandhakas, and brings the ecclesiastical history of the Buddhist Order down to the Second Council, one hundred years after the Buddha's death. In the Cūla Vagga are found several references to the Sutta Vibhanga, which leads us to the hypothesis that the latter work was regarded as an authoritative text at the time the Cūla Vagga was finished. For a discussion on the contexts of the Cūla Vagga and their historical value see Law, Pāli Lit., pp.14ff and passim. 

2. Cūla Vagga.-The fifth chapter of the Tika Nipāta of the Anguttara Nikaya. A.i.150ff

3. Cūla Vagga.-The seventh chapter of the Udāna. Ud., pp.74ff

4. Cūla Vagga.-The third chapter of the Peta Vatthu. Pv., pp.33ff

5. Cūla Vagga.-The second chapter of the Sutta Nipāta. SN., pp.29-72.

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